Students’ Voices

“A very professional school. Teachers understand and implement modern teaching strategies and processes in a simple and effective manner. Individual differences are catered for in small classes that are conducted in a friendly and helpful manner. As a past teacher and principal I highly recommend this school.”


“Learn Japanese Cairns is a fun and engaging way to explore the Japanese language, Michi is a great teacher!”


“Michi and Aya have always been helpful and knowledgeable teachers of Japanese, their lessons are well structured and they have always tailored the content of the lessons to suit my needs and level. Will continue to their school into the future to maintain and improve my Japanese.” 


“My name is David and I have been with learning Japanese with Aya for almost 4 months now. During this period, I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  I enjoyed Aya’s teaching method and getting to know other students from class. We all supporting each other during the process and it had made difference. Best part is now I can text my friends in Japanese (well some Japanese). They are all very impressed with my Japanese. So a big thank you Aya.  Learning Japanese Cairns no Nihon go Kurasu ga dai suki desu.”


“I first began studying with Learn Japanese Cairns as a complete beginner just over 3 years ago, and alongside a busy work schedule, I’ve been able to make incredible progress during that time.  The courses are really well designed, and Michi’s teaching style is fun and easy to follow.  On my recent extended trip to Japan I was even able to continue lessons using Skype, which was a great experience!!  I will always recommend Michi to anyone considering learning Japanese.”


“I want to say “Thank You” to the Japanese teachers at the school. The course is well constructed and I have learned a lot! I am going to Japan soon and am looking forward to  hearing the language spoken to see how much I understand!! I look forward to doing more study soon. Thanks again!!”


“I am fortunate to have been a student of Learn Japanese Cairns. Michi is an attentive and professional instructor that is able to tailor lesson plans to specific levels and learning capabilities. I feel my language skills have greatly improved through my lessons and I felt motivated to keep pursuing my language goals. I’ve gained greater understanding and confidence with my Japanese.”