Jeff (Beginner A)

"My name is Jeff and I have been studying under Aya san for the past 3 months. She is extremely skilled in teaching Japanese. I was a little weary at first thinking that learning a whole new language would be impossible or too hard to  do, but after my first lesson I was more than confident to come back a second time! She is a good listener when it comes to us asking questions and she has a great sense for understanding when were are confused or finding things difficult. To resolve this she will slowly and easily explain it in a way that we can all quite simply understand, which is good for me as i have a lot of trouble when it comes to learning in a classroom.  She always creates a fun learning environment and this is one of the main reasons i come back each week!"


Annan (Beginner C)

Michi Matsuda is a fantastic Japanese teacher.

Her classes are incredibly organised and

structured. Michi offers many different

classes at different times, on various days,

which suits any type of Japanese Class Cairnslifestyle. Before

studying with Michi I was unable to

communicate with my in-laws, and after only

six months I can now read and write one of

the Japanese languages and engage my

in-laws in conversation. Michi also endeavours

to help you learn and answer any questions

you may have. Her prices are affordable,

classes are small, and best of all her classes

are very enjoyable.








Barry (Pre-Intermediate D)

It is never too late to learn Japanese. I was over sixty years of age when I decided to learn. I have never regretted the decision. It has provided me with an interest, mental stimulation and the chance to meet new people. With the help of a very professional teacher the student can progress at their own rate without any pressure. Try it and find a new and rewarding pastime.


André (Advanced B)

Prior to studying with Michi I had tried to learn Japanese on my own with textbooks and the help of Japanese friends. My results were patchy at best and even after living in Japan for over a year, I still relied heavily on my electronic dictionary and friends translating for me in even the most basic of conversations.

Since studying with Michi my Japanese has improved to the point where on my last trip to Japan I was able to make myself completely understood with all my friends and their families using only Japanese and very rarely found myself reaching for my electronic dictionary.



I have been attending Michi’s Japanese Language classes for over two years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of those classes. Michi always makes the class interesting and fun and I greatly look forward to my class each week. She always manages to keep up our interest, is extremely patient with us and her classes are never boring or stale. Not only does she teach us the language, but also gives us a great insight into the culture and ways of the Japanese people.  And when there have been times in my mind of self doubt and the inability to proceed, she has always been encouraging and gently re-assuring. I think the fact that I STILL look forward to my class each week after two years, speaks for itself!



My name is Adrian and I have been studying japanese with Michi san in cairns, australia. Thanks to Michi's very professional and adept tutelage, plus the fact that her english is flawless, I have had all my questions answered and confusions set straight as soon as I raised them. She has a good ability to keep the lesson progressing and deftly avoids the side tracks that often arise among the students. As well as being a good teacher, she is also a very nice person so attending class is always a pleasure!



I have been studying Japanese under Michi Sensei for almost 17 months now and find her classes both enjoyable and informative. Her open and friendly teaching style encourages class participation which ensures that every lesson is fresh and interesting. Michi Sensei also offers many study tips and often has ingenious ways of introducing new material which aids in learning and remembering. As her English is also excellent, she is often able to explain sometimes difficult concepts in plain English, which is a huge benefit over native Japanese speakers who struggle with English and can therefore not articulate the meaning to the same level. Michi Sensei also makes herself available outside of the classroom, so I am able to email questions and queries I have as they arise. I am often suprised at how much effort she goes to in explaining her response, to ensure that I correctly understand her answer. In addition she often emails study tips or websites she comes across which she believes helpful. I would happily recommend Michi Sensei to anyone of any age or level wishing to learn or improve their Japanese.



I first met Michi as a University Tutor where her awareness of the study material and confident ability to explain it, was a tremendous help with our Japanese language course. I nicknamed her "Michi the Greatest". Her skill in one-on-one tutoring is to gently guide you through your own memory bank, giving you the means to answer your own questions. I have also had the pleasure of participating in her own classes which are fun and practical; everyday conversation exchange, incorporating the grammar required to build on a growing understanding of Japanese. Michi is enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive, with the ability to build ones confidence in the 'murky waters' of learning a foreign language.

cairns japanese teacher

"CAIRNS" in Katakana