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Group Lessons

1.5 hour classes




Catch up Lessons

When you miss a class, we may be able to organize some time to do a catch-up lesson.

$40 for 1 hour session



Please note that catch-up lesson time is not guaranteed. We may not be able to find time convenient for both of us.

One on One Japanese Lessons





One-on-one Lessons

$40 per hour

Please note that when lessons are cancelled by students without notice, we must charge lesson fees in full.

Semi-Private Lessons

$30 per hour per person



Skype Lessons

$40 per hour






Free level check available by appointment







Other sessions available by request

  • daytime classes
  • private tutorials for JCU students
  • private tutorials for high school students
  • brush-up sessions for school teachers
  • school visits
  • interpreting/translation

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"AUSTRALIA" in Katakana